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Czech Hunter was truly in a good state of mind today. After my brief holidays Honza showed me all of the czech boys he spent for an excellent fuck just recently. And I was randy and more than inspired. I started my search in and around a small park. It was market day so a great deal of people gone […]

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In the city centre of Prague it ยด s often tough to locate willing people. Most individuals there have rather well-paid jobs or they are merely visitors. So I every so often go to the borders and attempt my luck there. Today determined to look next to an affordable super market. It was easy to obtain into call and […]

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Powered up after a fitness center I've chosen to go right to the bus quit. A normal spot for me with always returning success. Initial buddy I have actually spoken to was extremely discourteous as well as unwilling from the very beginning. But the high level of endorphins after the work out made me extremely inspired. I knew that I'll […]

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Bingo! I remained in the mood for actually filthy sex today. As well as the very first boy I fulfilled was the best match. A little bit conceited and also extremely pleased to be directly. He spoke the whole time about his sweetheart and regarding the present that he still owes her for birthday. Well, I supplied my assisting hand […]

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To celebrate the upcoming spring I have also a second catch for you today. Wenceslas square in Prague. At the starting points went slow-moving. For 20 minutes there was no one ideal death by. Begun to fret a bit. Within a while I was talking to a young fella from Prague. However he was as well timid to have any […]

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Today something extremely insane happened to me. Met 2 boys, one was fast and resolutely saying no as well as told me to fuck off. That additionally occurs sometimes. The 2nd one was extremely unique. I have seen him kissing his girlfriend and walking away with some grocery stores. I've stopped him and begin to talk with him. Young, kinda […]

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